A greatly recommended company for buying Sanitary Incinerator, Sanitary Vending Machine, etc.

About Us

With an aim to emerge as a world leader via machining excellence, we, SS Metal Products, planted our business roots in 2017. We know success is hard work and we are not afraid of toiling tirelessly for satisfying our customers. We also understand that progress we dream of can only be attained through continual innovation, which is why we make working with an innovative mindset a part and parcel of our company DNA. Every year we invest a large share of our annual turnover in upgrading our quality control methods and our research units, which greatly contributes in our supply and export of best technologies to customers. Our market leadership as a machine manufacturer & exporter is visible in our product line that incorporates different types of Paper Cup Forming Machine, Aluminium Foil Container Machine, Automatic House Foil Rewinding Machine, Screw Conveyor, Sanitary Napkin Incinerator, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Sanitary Making Machine.

Our Technology

Great machines are not created by mere accident but can only stem from great facilities. Knowing this well, we have erected state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, where we have deployed seasoned experts for making high-precision machines with commendable speed. Our setup is the core of our business and acts as an engine for many things like:

  • Quality Products
  • Innovation & Customization
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Training Ground for Employees

How We Maintain Quality

Making machines is easy, what is tough is making quality rich machines that are designed in harmony with all prescribed regulations and norms. Thus, we operate our production activities in sync with our quality management system (QMS). Our QMS also entails us to make responsible use of all our resources and observe the following:

  • Maintain a uniformly organized system at various units of the setup
  • Work above and beyond our means if required to satisfy clients
  • Operate everything in accordance with industrial norms
  • Always value fair team play and perform with a spirit of togetherness
  • Provide a safe work environment for our team members
  • Combine talents and provide our customers with nothing short of the best through our Screw Conveyor, Automatic House Foil Rewinding Machine, Paper Cup Forming Machine, Aluminium Foil Container Machine, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Sanitary Making Machine Spare Parts.
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