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Alufoil meet the growing demand for quality die making and machinery in the aluminium foil container industry.  Our products and services include, New Die making, Design and Engineering Services, Research and Development, Peripheral Press Equipment and Productivity Equipment.

We use sophisticated software in conjunction with CNC machinery to minimize the time it takes to bring a concept to full production. We take great pride in providing a one of a kind level of service to our customers. We make every effort to meet and exceed the customer's expectation on quality, price, delivery and above all product satisfaction.

To insure customer satisfaction each product we sell comes with an  unconditional six months warranty against manufacturing defects.


Complete Line

ALUFOIL offers two models of aluminum foil container production line, 45 tons and 80 tons. Complete production line for aluminum foil containers include the following equipments:roll feeder–punch press, mould, automatic stacker, fan aspirator, scrap foil baler...

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Roll Feeder

ALUFOIL's roll feeder include uncoiler and lubricator systems, incorporate the latest electronic control technology and more human operating system. It's a pride for Alufoil, we promise 2 year warranty...

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Punch Press

ALUFOIL offers two models of high performance punch press, 45 tons and 80 tons. Alufoil's press adopts steel plate welding body, wet friction clutch, overload protector, features high preciseness, reliable operating...

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Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyors for general applications with motorised conveyor roller or external drive in aluminium profile construction. Construction based on weight requirements and conveyor roller capacity...

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Automatic Stacker

ALUFOIL's automatic stackers are the fastest, safest way to offload extrusions from the press. ALUFOIL's automatic stackers eliminate the need to manually handle the product, which translates into profiles with less marking and better surface quality...

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Fan Aspirator

ALUFOIL's fan aspirator is an equipment of scrap aluminum foil handling, delivery lift up to 10 m and volumes to 11,000 cfm...

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Scrap Foil Baler

ALUFOIL's scrap foil baler is a crap baling press of scrap alnminum foil,it's consists od hydraulic cylinder and high-power motor...

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Aluminum Foil Container Mould

ALUFOIL manufacture a large proportion of orders for the aluminum foil container mould, including smooth-wall foil containers mould, aluminum foil trays mould, airline foil containers mould, disposable pie pans mould, take-out foil containers mould, specialty cake pans mould etc...

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